Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

Test Kits are available for young people living in Norfolk only

If you are aged under 16 you will not be able to order a kit through this website. Instead, you can ask to be tested at your local GP, integrated contraception and sexual health (iCaSH) service, youth service, etc.

If you are aged 25 or over you can’t order a kit through this website. However, you can still get a free test for Chlamydia and other STIs at your local GP, integrated iCaSH service, or Walk-in-Centre as you may have a different infection that needs treatment. You can also request an STI self testing kit from

Ordering kits for someone other than yourself  without their permission can be seen as malicious and a form of bullying or harassment.  Some people even report this kind of thing to the police and if this happens, we have to help the police with information.  To avoid any confusion, it's best to just order kits for yourself and no one else.  If, for whatever reason you need to order a kit for someone else, make sure you get their permission to do it.