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Order A Test Kit

These test kits are only available to 16 - 24 year olds living in Norfolk.

If you are aged 16 to 24, fill in the above form and we'll send you a chlamydia testing kit in a plain white package through the post in a few days.

Not only is the test free and easy to do, it is also confidential. This means that unless you give us permission, we won’t tell anyone you’ve been tested, not even your GP.
It is recommended that you get tested at least once a year, or sooner if you change your sexual partner.   

This test kit can also test you for gonorrhoea as well as chlamydia.
If you do not receive your kit after ten days please call the Chlamydia Screening Programme (CSP) on 01603 226666

How to do the test:

  • Put a little bit of your pee into a test tube 

  • Fill in the details on the form and on the label

  • Post it off

  • Wait for your result
Please make sure that you post your completed test as soon as possible - same day would be best.  If you leave it too long the sample will spoil and the lab won't be able to test it.

Is it confidential?

Any information you provide is confidential. It will not be shared. You will not be sent junk mail or spam. Public Health England record how many people in England have chlamydia. The CSP will send them your results but not your name or contact details.

Under 16?

If you are aged under 16 you will not be able to order a kit through this website. Instead, you can ask to be tested at your local GP, integrated contraception and sexual health (iCaSH) service, youth service, etc.

Over 24?
If you are aged 25 or over you can’t order a kit through this website. However, you can still get a free test for chlamydia and other STIs at your local GP, iCaSH (contraceptive and sexual health) clinic, or Walk-in-Centre as you may have a different infection that needs treatment. There are some contact details on the 'what if i have it?' page.