Anyone can do a chlamydia test, but if you're aged 16 to 24 and living in Norfolk you can use this site to find out where to collect a free kit (below) or order one to be sent to you.

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Things to consider...


You should consider taking a chlamydia test if you can say yes to one or more of these: I am sexually active or have had sex in the past. I don't always use...

Is it serious?

Chlamydia is the most common sexually transmitted infection (STI) for males and females in the UK. It is caught through sexual contact with someone who already...

What if...

If you already have symptoms of an STI you don't need to take a test and should go directly to your local GP surgery, iCaSH clinic, or Walk-In-Centre as you...

Under 16

Everyone has the right to confidentiality, even if they're under 16. All professionals who you have contact with and/or share information with will try...