Use this checklist to help you make up your mind.

Getting tested is confidential, free, painless and easy


Do I Need A Test?

You should consider taking a chlamydia test if you can say yes to one (or more) of these…

  • I am sexually active or have had sex in the past

  • I don’t always use a condom when having sex

  • Someone I had sex with has tested positive for chlamydia

  • I didn’t know much about the last person I had sex with 

  • I have recently got a new sexual partner

  • I have no symptoms but worried that I may have put myself at risk 

Other reasons to take a test might be…
  •   You’ve entered a new relationship and you and your partner might want to make sure you’re both infection free before you decide to have sex
  • You’re off on holiday, to college or university, travelling or moving away and you want to make sure you’re clear before you go
  • To put your mind at rest
  • You’re thinking of getting pregnant

If you think you already have symptoms of a sexually transmitted infection (STI), you don't need to take a chlamydia test. Instead you should go straight to your local GP, iCaSH (contraceptive and sexual health) clinic, or Walk-in-Centre. If you have an infection they will be able to provide you with free treatment quickly. Contact info on the 'What If I Have It?' page.